1. Melody Song and the Hymns of the Infinite Sadness
    Amy Eleanor Heart

  2. An interview with illustrator Wriply Bennet
    Heartspark Press

  3. A Shapeshifting Spell
    Misha Moon

  4. The Wagons Ain't Here Yet (Chicago, IL • NSFW)
    Joss Barton

  5. Broken Pieces
    AR Mannylee Rushet

  6. Death Wish (live performance)
    Little Trouble Girl

  7. Grief On The Go

  8. Before They Were Flesh
    Magpie Leibowitz

  9. Dear Pearl
    Amy Heart

  10. The Softest Parts of Me
    Cadence B. McCracken

  11. The Naming of Trans People
    Talia Johnson

  12. Bury Me a Tranny
    Lawrence Walker III

  13. The Soul of Thurston
    Boudicca Walsh

  14. The Sisters from the Stars
    Amy Heart

  15. Transsexual Love Dreams on the Inauguration of Trump
    Joss Barton

  16. Night of the Dead Lesbians
    Bridget Liang

  17. Dreams at War
    AR Mannylee Rushet

  18. I miss the smell of Virginia
    Lawrence Walker III

  19. How to Move On
    Luna Merbruja

  20. Lord be a Femme
    Joss Barton

  21. Detransition, Baby
    Torrey Peters

  22. Judy! Judea!
    Joss Barton

  23. Girlhood, Interrupted (Live in Madison)
    Amy Heart

  24. My Favorite Kind of Lesbian Sex (NSFW)
    Luna Merbruja

  25. Sacrifice
    Serafima Mintz

  26. Black, Trans, and Still Breathing

  27. Women Your Mother Warned You About: Resistance and Resilience

  28. Sea-Witch Vol. 3
    Moss Angel

  29. Things Cis People Object To Us Doing
    Ariel Howland

  30. Fragments
    Magpie Leibowitz

  31. Someday, Mars
    Lilith Dawn

  32. Love and the Void
    Janey Lovebomb

  33. The Bravest Punch
    Sascha Hamilton

  34. Convulsant Aria
    GG Irkalla

  35. Costly Signals
    Sarah M. Bess

  36. "Louder Than Words": Our Trans Youth Deserve Better
    Amy Heart

  37. Mosca's Last Ride
    Sascha Hamilton

  38. Winter
    Magpie Leibowitz

  39. Hey Faggot (and other poems)
    Magpie Leibowitz

  40. Hidden Dragons: the invisible scars haunting a trans woman’s heart
    Amy Heart

  41. Resistance is NOT Futile: Transsexuals, Witches, and The Wardrobe

  42. Major Arcana

  43. Five Poems
    Ariel Howland

  44. Superscript & Subhuman
    Magpie Leibowitz

  45. Girlhood, Interrupted
    Amy Heart

  46. Brunch Service (NSFW)
    Tobi Hill-Meyer

  47. The Angry Tumblr Rant
    Tobi Hill-Meyer

  48. Reacquainted With Life—live in Olympia

  49. Her Name was Pearl
    Sophie Quartz

  50. Are you there? It's me, Laura.
    Aisling Fae

  51. When I Stand in Orbit
    Magpie Leibowitz

  52. The Girl from the Stars
    Amy Eleanor

  53. Good Night, Kiddo
    Amy Heart

  54. Imogen Binnie reads from "Nevada" at Peagaus Books
    Imogen Binnie


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